Shooting Your Artwork with a Smartphone

Shooting your artwork is a daunting task and best left to a professional if you want to achieve high quality archival pigment prints. Resolution and image size are limited if you use a smartphone but if your budget is tight and you are going to shoot your own work, then here are a few tips.

  1. Shoot your work outdoors on an overcast day.
  2. Use an easle and ensure that your artwork is at 90 degrees, not leaning forward or backward. I use a small level on the surface of the artwork to be sure it’s flat and not leaning forward or backward into the third dimension.
  3. Use a tripod to hold your smartphone. Your phone should be parallel to the artwork, not leaning forward or backward. This is very important to avoid image distortion.
  4. Fill the lens space with your artwork and shoot.
  5. Clean crop the edges of the captured image and adjust the exposure if necessary.
  6. TaDaaaa You have a digital image to make prints from.

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April Tracey

April Tracey has over 30 years experience in the fine arts industries encompassing retail, wholesale, manufacturing, import & export plus the educational sector. At the age of 24 years, April opened her first multi faceted business; an art & graphic supply store, art school and gallery. An artist’s acrylic paint manufacturing company developed next followed by a high design sculpture company and high end boutiques. April Tracey BFA Printmaking has always considered herself to be an artist first and foremost.

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