Shipping & Fulfillment Fees

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If you are providing your own shipping labels, you will be invoiced for the fulfillment fee only. Fulfillment fees cover our packaging costs. Below, please find charts for fulfillment fees for works on paper and canvas rolled and shipped flat plus stretched canvas fees.

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If you don’t have your own shipping label, we will gladly create one for you. In most cases your company name is entered as the return address. If this is not possible, Archival Printworks is entered as the sender. No need to worry about what your customer sees. Archival Printworks does not have pricing listed on it’s website.

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When you have your own Ecommerce site, your customer pays for the shipping. A shipping label is then generated on your site. You will email us this shipping label plus the order details and will be invoiced for the print(s) and fulfillment rates only. If you do not have your own Ecommerce site, we will generate the shipping label for you. You will place your order for the print(s) and will be invoiced for your order plus shipping and handling.


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Frequently Asked Questions

M. I’m trying to set up shipping on a new shop, and am pretty sure I’d like to use your fulfillment services.  If I have you ship a 16″x20” (I wouldn’t have a label to give you), it’s $12 total (plus whatever a 16×20” print costs)?


  • If you do not have shipping labels, you will look at rates from the Shipping and Handling fees charts. Are you shipping flat? or rolled? You generally ship flat so you will pay $16.50 for shipping and handling for a 16 x 20 print which includes an Archival Sleeve and Backing.

M.  Are there multiple fulfillment fees if a few prints are mailing to same place?


  • The shipping rate can be for one print or for up to 5 prints but if you are shipping flat and want Archival Sleeves and Backing for all of the prints, there would be an additional $3.00 charge for each additional print within this shipment which pays for the Archival Sleeve and Backing.
M.   Does a 20″ x 30” cost $15 total to fulfill/ship? How many 20″x 30” prints are you able to fit in one mailing shipment?


  • 20 x 30 prints are shipped rolled and you do not have a shipping label so the rate will be $15.00 which is found on the Shipping & Handling Fees chart. Up to three to five prints could fit in the same box with no changes to the shipping cost.